The Magic of Disney Music

Hi Everyone, Heather here 🙂

My family and I just got back from vacation to Disney World in Florida.  I love it there so much….it is truly magical.

As I went through some of the rides, I really wanted to pay attention to all of the details of each ride, and soak in the experience.  As I was doing this, I became aware that without thinking, most of the time I was singing along with the soundtrack of the ride. I first noticed this on the “It’s a Small World” ride.  The ride was almost over and the boats were backed up, so we were stuck in the last big room for a bit.  I noticed that I was singing along….out loud, no less…….and so were many other people in the other boats and my own.

Yes, that song does get annoying at times, but that is a song that everyone, everywhere seems to know.  The song was written by Richard and Robert Sherman, who wrote many of the most famous early Disney songs, and after doing some research about it, I found out that when Walt Disney asked the brothers to write the song, the ride was originally called “Children of the World”. When Mr. Disney heard their finished product, he loved it so much,  he changed the whole name of the ride. What a compliment!

Some other songs that I found myself singing were “Under the Sea” on The Little Mermaid ride, “Grim Grinning Ghosts” on The Haunted Mansion ride, and “In a Big, Blue World” on The Seas with Nemo and Friends ride.  It must be such an awesome feeling for a songwriter to have their words and music be a part of the soundtrack of one of these rides. I think that is a goal that I would like The Green Orbs to aspire to.  I could totally see “Always Bring Your Toothbrush When You Go To Outer Space” as the basis for a crazy space ride. I would definitely be singing along on that ride!


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  1. Funny… I was asked in an interview what the most annoying children’s song was. I referred to Small World as “situationally annoying” because you hear it on a loop while waiting in line for 2 hours and then on the ride, if memory serves. I think they could do a whole album inspired by the concept of a small world for those waiting in line and then the actual song for the actual ride.

    About the Sherman brothers – it was great fun to see them depicted in “Saving Mr. Banks” as they had to come up with songs that would satisfy a very hard-to-please author of the “Mary Poppins” novel, and to see a re-imagining of their creative process. I related very strongly to them. I noticed their names in the credits to “The Jungle Book” too.

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