So excited to share this cool new song by Uncle Dox—-ELEPHANTS!! I was fortunate enough to be able to add some back-up vocals along with a great crew of our Kindie music friends including Jason from Jason Didner and the Jungle Gym Jam, Lucy Kalantari, and Vivi Melody. I really love this song…it’s so fun! You can buy or stream it now!! Enjoy!!

–Heather 🙂

Singing Through The Storm!

We are so proud to announce that our song “The Hams in the Deep Blue Sea” is included in the wonderful new compilation album “Singing Through the Storm”.

With all of the news happening with the election, you may have forgotten that just a little over a month ago, Hurricane Matthew devastated Haiti. Sadly, hundreds were killed. Over 200,000 homes were destroyed. Many are without food and proper shelter…but, we can help!!!

Introducing “Singing Through the Storm”, a collection of 29 (!) songs from some of the coolest kid groups around, like Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band, Chibi Kodama, Sonshine and Broccoli, Sugar Free Allstars, and us!! This whole album can be yours for $12!! A bargain!! The best part— 100% of all profits will be sent to the HAITIAN PEOPLE’S SUPPORT PROJECT, and will directly go towards helping the Haitian people recover and rebuild.

Please click below, and download your copy today–great music for a great cause!!

“I Wanna Be Healthy”!!

Excited to share this great new song/video from Jumpin’ Jamie–“I Wanna Be Healthy”. We had the opportunity to meet Jamie back in April at KindieComm, and he asked us to be a part of the song, along with a whole bunch of other great Kindie artists and even The REAL Peter Tork (Official)from The Monkees, one of our favorite bands growing up!!!! It’s a catchy song with an important message, and a really fun video as well. We hope you enjoy!!


The Green Orbs on Radio Active Kids

So excited to have been included in this week’s Radio Active Kids program down in Asheville, NC on Asheville FM! Give it a listen….with new music from Recess Monkey and Secret Agent 23 Skidoo,plus a trio of tunes from The Green Orbs, your kids will be dancing for days!


The Green Orbs on Funky Kids Radio!!!!

We are so excited that The Green Orb’s music can now be heard on Funky Kids Radio, broadcast out of Melbourne, Australia! Funky Kids Radio plays wonderful music for kids 24/7, and can either be streamed from the web ( or their app for IOS and android. Tune in and take a listen….and you might catch one of our songs!!!


Silly Sing-A-Long

What does The Green Orbs + 3 silly ladies + 20 minutes of free time last summer equal????

This super silly sing-a-long called Hot Dog Soup!!


KindieComm 2016 Industry Showcase!!!!!

We are so excited to announce that The Green Orbs have been chosen to perform in the 2016 KindieComm Industry Showcase!!!!!! We cannot wait to share our music with other members of the Kindie music community.  Thank you KindieComm for the invitation to perform!!!

Mr. Mustache—-The Video!!!

It’s finally here!!!  We have been working hard for months, and we are so excited to be able to share our new song and video “Mr. Mustache”, featuring the vocal talents of Joel Marsh Garland, of Orange Is The New Black. Joel also directed the video for us and it stars my children Abbie, Livvie, and Sophie, and the shadow puppet creations of Susan G. Young.


Mr. Beard and Mr. Mustache have been through a lot of stuff…but after 20 years of Mr. Mustache’s mischief, Mr. Beard has had enough! We hope you enjoy this silly tale!


Long Time, No See

Hi Everyone! Heather here….long time, no see!

The last few weeks of summer and the first few weeks of school have been hectic, but I think I am finally ready to get back to The Green Orbs and all of the exciting things we have going on.

First, through all of the craziness of the last few weeks of summer, we wrote a song for a little girl turning one named Eliana. Her uncle wanted to give it to her for her birthday.  I love writing personalized songs for people. It is so wonderfully fulfilling, knowing that we have hopefully created something that the recipient will treasure for their whole life.

Of course, our app “The Hams in the Deep Blue Sea” continues to be available on iTunes.  We are hoping to have more reviews to post in the coming weeks and months.

We have an upcoming recording session that I am very excited about! In a past post, I mentioned that we were working on a song that got its start as a little ditty that Eddie had written along with my daughters. We have reworked that song and created what I think is an epic tale….and we have found someone to sing it who has an epic voice to go along with it! We had a rehearsal in NYC last month with this person, and Eddie and I could not stop smiling and laughing because it just sounded so great!! I can’t wait to be able to share this song when it is finished…and to hopefully produce a video to go along with it! Stay tuned for more details!

We have many other projects in vary stages of development and many ideas for new projects… is hard to find the time to work on all of them! We would like to create a monthly Orb Newsletter to keep all of our fans informed of our current projects.  If you are interested, please add your email on the “Contact Us” page.

Heather 🙂