Paul Barman

The Hams song!

Take a listen to “The Hams In The Deep Blue Sea”!

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The famous Moo-Maids!

Moo maids

Here are the famous Moo-Maids!

These 3 gals met while auditioning for various musicals such as “A Chorus Brine”, “Cow-baret” and “Mama Moo-a”

Since forming their own group, they’ve performed throughout the ocean from shore to shore.

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Say Hello to The Big Katuna!

Big Katuna

Say hello to The Big Katuna!

He is one of the main attractions at the Sea Circus.

Little known fact:  When he’s not hanging ten and juggling sea-monkeys, he is pursuing a degree in maritime law.

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Meet Mr Baaass and The SwamChops!

Bass Swamchops

Meet Mr. Baaaass and his back-up band, The Swam-Chops!

(get it!? “baaa” like sheep)

They appear live every weeknight at the Coral Corral.

“…their beats and bleats are really neat….s!”   raves The Wet Gazette

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The Hams in the Deep Blue Sea—-Now Available on iTunes for iPad!!

We are so excited to present “The Hams in the Deep Blue Sea”, a stand alone iPad app built on the Mibblio platform.  Mibblio produces musical book apps that allow children to read, listen and play along on a variety of instruments all at once.  This is our third story/song published through Mibblio, but this marks the first time that one of our songs has been the focus of an individual app! We are very grateful to our friends Sammy and David over at Mibblio who have given us this opportunity.

“The Hams in the Deep Blue Sea” tells the story of The Hams, a family of pigs who spend the day swimming in the ocean, meeting a variety of unusual creatures.  Believe us, this is no ordinary day at the beach!

We are thrilled to have worked for the third time with illustrator Larry Daley on this story.   Once again he was able to translate our ideas brilliantly and bring the story to life!   “The Hams in the Deep Blue Sea” is sung by New York rapper/performer MC Paul Barman.  You may recognize his voice from our song “Always Bring Your Toothbrush When You Go To Outer Space”, available through the Mibblio app.  We are happy to have worked with MC Paul again!

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Hams (1)



The Hams in the Deep Blue Sea!!!–Coming this Thursday to iTunes!!!!!

We are so excited that our first independent app “The Hams in the Deep Blue Sea” is being released Thursday!!!!!!!

Here’s a sneak peak at our cool app icon designed by our wonderful illustrator Larry Daley, who drew all of the illustrations for the app.

HAMS_App Icon_Final_smaller


We can’t wait to share this song/story with the world!!



How I met MC Paul Barman

Hi, Eddie here. Here’s a little story about how I met MC Paul Barman!

A few years ago, I randomly received an email from Paul Barman. Having been a fan of his since college, I was excited to see his name in my inbox.  The subject of the email was:  Hi Ed, I’m a friend of Josh’s: Are you available for a Gorillagram

It seems we had a mutual friend, and that friend had recommended me to Paul for an unusual performance that Paul was organizing.  Paul wanted to send a gorilla-gram to a friend as a birthday surprise!  But there was a catch…

The gorilla would play saxophone!

Paul asked me if I would wear a gorilla mask and go play at a friend’s office. Of course I said yes! So Paul and I met in Bryant Park where he gave me the gorilla mask and instructions. Wearing a full tuxedo, I walked into the office building and rode the elevator. Before entering the actual office, I put on the mask and got my saxophone ready. I walked in and surprised Paul’s friend with Happy Birthday (along with a few other songs that Paul requested). Aside from the fact that the mask got insanely hot, it was a blast! This tiny photo is the only evidence of the performance:


     After that, Paul and I stayed in touch here and there about various projects. When the opportunity to do a few songs for Mibblio came up, it seemed like a fun chance to work with Paul again (unfortunately, no gorilla masks this time). So Paul recorded vocals for two Green Orbs songs: “Always Bring Your Toothbrush When You Go To Outer Space” and the soon-to-be-released “Hams In The Deep Blue Sea”. It was great to work with him again and he did an awesome job!

Check out MC Paul Barman’s great song “Get Along Gang”



Always Bring Your Toothbrush – DEMO and SKETCH

Here’s an early demo of the Green Orbs song “Always Bring You Toothbrush When You Go To Outer Space”,  along with an early sketch of the song’s hero, Joe, by the great illustrator Larry Daley! Happy Spring!!!

Click here to check out the finished version sung by MC Paul Barman!!