monster problems

Monster Spray!!!

Hi everyone….Heather here 🙂

I was just reading this really cool news story about a pharmacist who dispenses “Monster Spray” to some of her clients’ children to help them get over their fear of the dark. I, too, have dispensed Monster Spray in my own home to help my youngest daughter with her nighttime fears. Of course, I did not have a fancy bottle with an official pharmacy label on it, but she bought it none the less, and after a few nights, was sleeping in her bed without fear.

Afterwards, I started thinking about my Monster Spray, and about what would happen if it was real and sold on TV infomercials.  That idea was so funny to me, that I wrote a song about it. From that song, we continued to develop the idea of why people would need monster spray, and that turned into the idea about a gang of Mashed Potato eating monsters.  It’s funny how ideas can continue and grow.