The Hams

The Hams song!

Take a listen to “The Hams In The Deep Blue Sea”!

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Guest Blog: Larry Daley!!!!!


Hi everybody – Larry Daley here… I’m so excited to see that Hams in the Deep Blue Sea is finally out! I always have a blast illustrating whatever The Green Orbs have up their sleeves and HAMS is too good to miss.

As a children’s Illustrator, one of the things you always hope for in reading a script is the possibility to invent something new. If there’s even one new character I can introduce in a story, I’m usually thrilled. But The Green Orbs go all out in their stories, introducing a paint bucket of inventive characters, spectacular destinations and a pure playfulness that makes it difficult not to want to create a dozen versions of the same adventure. I love the ocean and to draw fish is wonderful – but to draw swimming pigs mingling with Moo-maids, a Tallrus and Eelephants dancing to a bubbly tune – well, that’s just cool:)

Here’s a shot of Mr. Baaaass belting out an underwater tune (from line drawing to finished color)

Mr Bassss2

ENJOY! -Larry


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Say Hello to The Big Katuna!

Big Katuna

Say hello to The Big Katuna!

He is one of the main attractions at the Sea Circus.

Little known fact:  When he’s not hanging ten and juggling sea-monkeys, he is pursuing a degree in maritime law.

download THE HAMS IN THE DEEP BLUE SEA from the itunes store

The Hams in the Deep Blue Sea—-Now Available on iTunes for iPad!!

We are so excited to present “The Hams in the Deep Blue Sea”, a stand alone iPad app built on the Mibblio platform.  Mibblio produces musical book apps that allow children to read, listen and play along on a variety of instruments all at once.  This is our third story/song published through Mibblio, but this marks the first time that one of our songs has been the focus of an individual app! We are very grateful to our friends Sammy and David over at Mibblio who have given us this opportunity.

“The Hams in the Deep Blue Sea” tells the story of The Hams, a family of pigs who spend the day swimming in the ocean, meeting a variety of unusual creatures.  Believe us, this is no ordinary day at the beach!

We are thrilled to have worked for the third time with illustrator Larry Daley on this story.   Once again he was able to translate our ideas brilliantly and bring the story to life!   “The Hams in the Deep Blue Sea” is sung by New York rapper/performer MC Paul Barman.  You may recognize his voice from our song “Always Bring Your Toothbrush When You Go To Outer Space”, available through the Mibblio app.  We are happy to have worked with MC Paul again!

Please help us spread the word about our 1st app!!!!   Click here to go to “The Hams…” in the itunes store

Hams (1)



The Hams in the Deep Blue Sea!!!–Coming this Thursday to iTunes!!!!!

We are so excited that our first independent app “The Hams in the Deep Blue Sea” is being released Thursday!!!!!!!

Here’s a sneak peak at our cool app icon designed by our wonderful illustrator Larry Daley, who drew all of the illustrations for the app.

HAMS_App Icon_Final_smaller


We can’t wait to share this song/story with the world!!