Hey Everyone!! Heather here.   Summer is almost here!!! I’m so excited for my kids to be out of school and all of our activities to be finally winding down…..more time to spend creating cool stuff for kids with The Green Orbs!  Eddie and I have great plans for this summer.   First order of business…..a new website address!!! Our website can now be accessed using www.TheGreenOrbs.net! This is very exciting indeed because now we will be easier to find in the magical mystery world of the internet. Our goal for buying our new web address is for our name to come up first when you google The Green Orbs.  Currently, if you were looking for us and typed our name in to Google, all you would find is information on ghost orbs. Um….not exactly cool stuff for kids. Just another step in our quest for maximum awesomeness.   I am looking forward to attending KindieComm 2014 next week!!! It will be great to meet other people from the world of Kid’s Music and hear about all of the great things they are working on.  I am so excited to talk to people about The Green Orbs and all of the cool stuff we are creating.  It sounds like there are some great workshops to attend to learn all about the industry…..I can’t wait!! We even ordered new business cards just for the occasion!   Of course, if you have been following along on our blog, you know that our new app “The Hams in the Deep Blue Sea” will be making its debut soon! I thought I would share another sneak peak at one of the creature our Ham family meets under the Sea……a Sea Horse!!


I’m sure from this picture and the picture of a Moo-Maid, you can already tell that the Hams meet some very interesting creatures!!!!Any ideas who else they might run into under the sea??????????   Happy Summer Solstice everyone!!!

The Green Orbs Hard at Work!

Hi Everyone! Heather here 🙂

So sorry that we haven’t updated our blog in a bit.  Spring is a busy time for me, between running a taxi service for my kids and teaching piano, and my brother has been busy as well with other projects as well as counting down the days to his wedding!! We have, however, been working on a few upcoming Green Orbs projects that we wanted to let you in on.

Our new app “The Hams in the Deep Blue Sea” is moving closer by the minute to completion! As we speak, Larry Daley is putting the finishing touches on his awesome illustrations and we should have some news on its release in the coming month. Until then, here is another sneak peak at one of the creatures that the Ham family meets in their adventures under the sea……a Moo-Maid!!



Eddie and I have also been hard at work on various other projects. We are working on a cute little storybook idea that is one of those ideas that flows out of you so easily that you think you must have heard it before.  I love it when those sparks of inspiration happen!

We have also been working on a song that started out as a silly little ditty written by Eddie and my kids but has turned into an epic tale worthy of a broadway show. We have big plans for this song that I hope come to fruition!

Thank goodness for Skype! I wish they gave out something like frequent flyer miles…..we would have earned trips around the world by now from all of the time Eddie and I talk on there! Here’s a pic of us hard at work on our upcoming projects.



Stay tuned for updates about all of these exciting projects!


The Hams in the Deep Blue Sea—Coming Soon!!!

We have a brand new app published by our friends at Mibblio coming out soon, and we wanted to give everyone a sneak peak!


“The Hams in the Deep Blue Sea” is a new interactive app that tells the story of when a family of pigs left the farm, and went for a swim in the ocean. On their journey, they meet a whole bunch of crazy creatures and have a whole lot of fun!

Kids (and adults!) will be able to interact with the music by taking instruments in and out of the song, and jamming along on a variety of  instruments!  Every time you listen can be completely unique!

The illustrations were done by Larry Daley (he also illustrated The Mashed Potato Monster Gang and Always Bring Your Toothbrush When You Go To Outer Space).  The song will be sung by MC Paul Barman (who also sang Toothbrush).  Here’s a sneak peak of the Ham family (The Hamily).

FatherHam-color BabyHam-color MotherHam-color