New Song and Video in the Works—-Dear Mr. Mustache!!!!

Hi Everyone!!

Over the fall, we had the awesome opportunity to have Joel Marsh Garland sing a new song of ours called “Dear Mr. Mustache”.  For those of you not familiar with Joel, he is an awesome actor who has appeared in a million tv shows and movies (ok, maybe not a million….but a lot!!). Most recently, Joel has been seen in the Netflix hit show Orange Is The New Black as the prison guard Officer Scott O’Neill and on Broadway in the revival of Of Mice and Men. Joel was the perfect choice to sing this song. His voice totally suits the character who is singing the song, a man by the name of Mr. Beard.  (Yes, you read that correctly. “Dear Mr. Mustache” is about two characters named Mr. Mustache and Mr. Beard.)

This weekend, we will have the awesome opportunity to work with Joel again, as he directs the video for “Dear Mr. Mustache”. The video will be a mix of shadow puppetry and live action, starring my beautiful daughters who started the whole saga of Mr. Mustache and Mr. Beard during a fun afternoon with their uncle.  Here’s a little sneak peak at one of our pre-production test photos:


I can’t wait to share this song and video with all of you!!!


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