Help The WhirlyGigs!!!

Hi Everyone!! Heather here 🙂

We wanted to take a second to introduce you to a great Kindie band….The WhirlyGigs! Led by Mr. Whirly, the WhirlyGigs’s music is so much fun…kids (and parents!) will LOVE it! Aside from their music, I love the fact that The WhirlyGigs got their start after Mr. Whirly’s daughter was born and he started creating music with and for her….much like my own experience of coming up with song ideas after years of telling my girls made-up stories and singing crazy made-up songs.

Currently, The WhirlyGigs are in the final hours of their Kickstarter campaign to raise money to finish with the production and promotion of their first full-length album. They only need about $600 for their campaign to be fully funded…..and I thought that maybe some of The Green Orbs fans could help them reach their goal! If you donate at least $5, Mr. Whirly has some great pledge prizes.

If you can help, please click the link below….you won’t be disappointed!!

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