How I met MC Paul Barman

Hi, Eddie here. Here’s a little story about how I met MC Paul Barman!

A few years ago, I randomly received an email from Paul Barman. Having been a fan of his since college, I was excited to see his name in my inbox.  The subject of the email was:  Hi Ed, I’m a friend of Josh’s: Are you available for a Gorillagram

It seems we had a mutual friend, and that friend had recommended me to Paul for an unusual performance that Paul was organizing.  Paul wanted to send a gorilla-gram to a friend as a birthday surprise!  But there was a catch…

The gorilla would play saxophone!

Paul asked me if I would wear a gorilla mask and go play at a friend’s office. Of course I said yes! So Paul and I met in Bryant Park where he gave me the gorilla mask and instructions. Wearing a full tuxedo, I walked into the office building and rode the elevator. Before entering the actual office, I put on the mask and got my saxophone ready. I walked in and surprised Paul’s friend with Happy Birthday (along with a few other songs that Paul requested). Aside from the fact that the mask got insanely hot, it was a blast! This tiny photo is the only evidence of the performance:


     After that, Paul and I stayed in touch here and there about various projects. When the opportunity to do a few songs for Mibblio came up, it seemed like a fun chance to work with Paul again (unfortunately, no gorilla masks this time). So Paul recorded vocals for two Green Orbs songs: “Always Bring Your Toothbrush When You Go To Outer Space” and the soon-to-be-released “Hams In The Deep Blue Sea”. It was great to work with him again and he did an awesome job!

Check out MC Paul Barman’s great song “Get Along Gang”



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