School Band

Hi there….Heather here 🙂

I just came home after watching two of my daughters perform in their school’s Spring Concert, and,  as I sat there, I was reminded of my own school concerts way back when.  In band, I started off as a trumpet player, but then when braces took over my mouth, I switched to the baritone and trombone.  I also played piano in my middle school jazz band–which led me to have a lesson on Duke Ellington’s “Take the A Train” with Ellis Marsalis, but that’s another story! Those were great times, not just because of the friends I made, but mostly because of the music.  I loved how all of the voices of the different instruments blended together to form this beautiful blanket of sound. It continually amazed me, and still does, how so many different kids could work together and, seemingly effortlessly, create this wonderful thing…music.

Band continued to build on a musical foundation that was laid down by my parents from my birth. I am who I am today because of it.  As I sat and listened tonight, I hoped that my children, and all of the other children there, will look back on their times in band as fondly as I do, and will develop as strong an appreciation for music, as I did.




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